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Italy is a large country of Southern part of Europe, it is the home of the greatest number of UNESCO Heritage Site beautiful art & monuments are found everywhere in Italy, It is one of the most beautiful diverse landscape which has greatest hoard of art treasure with spectacular cities & buildings. Its historic cities have not damaged by development, many of old buildings are still ring true it would be the unforgettable journey for visitors. It is also famous for its delicious cuisine for its trendy fashion, luxury sports cars, many beautiful coasts, alpine lakes & mountains the city is also surrounded by San Marino & Vatican City. Italy is largely a peninsula which is situated on the Mediterranean Seaborder with France Switzerland, Austria and Solvenia in the north. Rome is capital of Italy which owes allegiance neither to north or south it is tremendous city and in terms of historic sights everywhere in the city.
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People have visited Italy for centuries, yet the first to visit the peninsula for touristic reasons were aristocrats during
Italy is the most romantic tour destination, You will find so many hotels here ....
Historic Places
There are so many wonderful architectural monuments & historical cities to visit ..

Hotel Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia is an attractive family based hotels it is situated right in center Minori it is one of the prettiest little seaside towns, Rooms of the hotels are well furnishede with modern amenities, air conditioned rooms with satellite television. Hotel also has two appointed apartment, one next to the hotel & the other is just a meter from the sea both are best for family or friends.

La Locanda del Castello

La Locanda del Castello hotel is an ancient inn in the hamlet of Locanda del Asso, hotels is made of 15th century limestone & brick facade it is just one of the traces of Locanda del Castello's ancient past.

Chalet du Lys

Chalet du Lys is situated in the heart of Italian Alps, the hotel rests at the food of Monte Rosa it is just 3 Km away from the pretty town of Gressoney La Trinite it is 1850 above from the sea level it is famous for its all year around holiday destination due to its scenic position.
Hotel is decorated with beautifully designed wooden furniture & attravtive wall decorations by artists, the bedrooms, suites & chalet offfer the ideal environment for both family vacation & romantic weekend getaway.
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